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Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Sardinia is the Italian Region and the Island of the Mediterranean with the greatest extension of coastline. In its 2.000 kilometers of coastline there is a wide variety of landscapes, most of them are uncontaminated, some are little hidden corners of paradise to discover. Small sandy coves, beaches of cobblestone or pink coralare interspersed with hills, ridges of granite or long beaches of white, spotless and fine sand. All the splendid natural sea sceneries areenriched by rocks in the cliffs sculpted by Mistral wind or other rocks that emerge from the sea creating small oases and natural pools. Everywhere the sea is limpid, crystal clear with a thousand vibrant shades of colors: from cobalt blue to turquoise, from aquamarine to emerald green, fromlight to dark blue.

Porto Rotondo is located in the north east, in one of the most fascinating and famous coastlines of the Island, close to the Costa Smeralda, just 15 km from the Costa Smeralda International Airport, 10 km from the Port of Olbia and the Port of Golfo Aranci. The village of Porto Rotondo rises between granite promontories, in the middle of the wonderful and natural Mediterranean maquis, athick shrubby vegetation mainly composed by of junipers, rosemary, thyme, cysts, myrtle, mastics, olives, arbutus. In the Village, which is located in a natural round cove that overlooks in the Cugnana Gulf, facing the wonderful Islands of Mortorio and Soffi, there is a luxury Yacht Marina where every year top vessels and most prestigious sailing events take place. The exclusive and refined buildings are perfectly blended into the environment and characterized by traditional local stone, uneven walls, arches, niches, patios, paths, bridges, steps and terraces filled with plants and colorful flowers. Among the villas and the houses there are several picturesque squares that host restaurants, cafes, boutiques, shops, jewelers, other services suitable for all ages. Each corner is perfect, well-planned and tailor made in every detail thanks to the work and genius of all the great architects and sculptors who have been alternated over the years, helping to create the unique atmosphere that attracts the attention of many celebrities and national and international visitors. Colors, the easy accessibility of Porto Rotondo, its beautiful warm Mediterranean climate with long hot summers and relaxed atmosphere during the whole year make the location an ideal destination for summertime vacations and in all seasons of the year.
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